xcavate blockchain technology
xcavate blockchain technology

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Outlining the problems

Total global Real Estate was valued at over $378.7 trillion at the end of 2022 (Source: Savills article by Paul Torstevin). This eye watering sum remains the largest store of wealth across all sectors. Yet only 1.1% of the global population own nearly half of the world’s total wealth (Source: Credit Suisse Global Wealth Databook 2021). Due to the complex nature of real estate and the traditional need for trusted intermediaries, many real estate investment opportunities are not possible for the average person.

Nearly 40% of global carbon dioxide emissions come from the real estate sector (Source: Forbes article by David Carlin Apr 5, 2022). Approximately 70% are produced by building operations, while the remaining 30% comes from construction.

An estimated 150 million people are homeless globally, though the real number is probably higher (Source: The World Economic Forum website article by Patrick Henry Oct 2021).

The solution

By aligning the interests of the small to medium sized real estate developer, the investor and the tenant we can bring value and control back in to the hands of the stakeholders.

Xcavate aims to level the playing field through increasing capital and technical efficiency, reducing friction by automating and simplifying processes, and removing intermediaries. This is achieved by leveraging digital identity, dApps and oracles. The resulting protocol is transparent and auditable without requiring deep expertise, and brings trust-less accessibility and security to the real estate market.

  • Lending & asset tokenisation protocol

  • Investor controlled real estate structure

  • Decentralised & community controlled platform

  • Lower fees, quicker settlement with greater liquidity

Making property investment simple

Simply browse, select and pay to start your own property portfolio without any of the hassle and complexity normally associated with real estate investment. Only buying fractions of a property, spreads risk and reduces barrier to entry.

Our unique protocol only allows properties to be listed on the marketplace once both the real estate developer and the property have been independently verified. This gives you peace of mind that the property actually exists and the price being advertised is genuine.

Unlike traditional fractional ownership funds our platform offers the opportunity to purchase as little of a specific property or as much as you like, while having voting rights to control how the property is managed.

Should you wish to sell your tokens then re-listing on the marketplace can be done in minutes.

Know Your Asset (KYA)

All real estate properties cannot be listed on the marketplace unless they pass all the following checks; Title Deed Ownership, Planning Permission, Build Quality & Price.

Step 1

Connect & verify your digital identity

Step 2

Choose a property and the amount of fractions you would like to purchase

Step 3

Agree to the terms of the smart contract and digitally sign

Step 4

Make payment and receive your property tokens

This kind of property investment appeals to a wide variety of investors… from parents interested in saving for their children’s future or an established property investor looking to reduce risk by investing in several properties in different geographic areas.

A key factor with the Xcavate system is that no property ownership or legal experience is necessary, as an independent and geographically significant property management company is automatically appointed to look after all the day to day administration, leaving the investor to just focus on choosing the right property for them.

How do NFT's relate to property
xcavate blockchain technology

Explainer Videos

As this is a new and unique concept we have tried to simplify the process in short explainer videos, each is no longer than 90 seconds.

Xcavate in 90 seconds

Property marketplace

Eco Rewarding Real Estate Developer Loans

Loan evaluators review real estate development loan applications that are generated on the platform. They are incentivised to evaluate loans correctly as they earn rewards for successful evaluations and are slashed for unsuccessful ones. This reward function acts as a vehicle to deliver higher than average loan repayments, thereby reducing risk for the community.

The easy to use App guides the user through the loan application process, which only takes minutes to complete. Checks are then made to ensure information accuracy and to apply a personalised APR rate to the loan offer. The more environmentally friendly the construction is, the better the loan APR.

Once the loan offer has been accepted, all transactions are securely and immutably recorded on the blockchain.

Initially the full loan value is locked, then development project funds are transferred in to the property developers digital wallet, in a timely manner, based on the build schedule and evidence submitted. Once the properties are built, the real estate developer can choose to repay the loan using traditional property sale funds or opt to sell some or all of the properties by minting a unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and associated fungible tokens, which represent fractions of each property, through the Xcavate NFT marketplace.

Step 1

Both you and your land are digitally verified

Step 2

Build valuation and risk rate for a personal APR

Step 3

The title deed asset is digitised as a unique NFT

Step 4

Finance pool delivers money in build stages

xcavate blockchain technology

A fairer and more sustainable web3 future

The protocol is designed to utilise a percentage (to be decided by governance) of the fees generated through the real estate marketplace, to focus on issues in the following areas; Environment, Ecological & Social.

Our award winning application realXchange is a new way of creating a NFT marketplace with a built in fund release mechanism controlled by the NFT holders. This innovative approach supports local community projects to raise much needed funds by allowing pre-vetted project managers to create, manage and deliver projects of real value to global communities while engaging directly with their supporters in a gamified way to ensure a fair result.

NFTs can be easily minted (using a built-in generative AI tool to create unique artwork that relates specifically to the project). These NFTs are then listed and sold on the marketplace until the project target has been met. Once the project is active the NFT holders are prompted to vote on the project progress evidence throughout the various stages of the project.

Step 1

Project Manager connects & verifies their digital identity

Step 2

Project details and NFT’s minted & listed on marketplace

Step 3

Buy NFTs and vote on each project stage

Step 4

Project receives funds based on successful submission of project evidence

In addition, while the Polkadot network is one of the most environmentally friendly blockchains, we will look to offset the Xcavate CO2 footprint by buying carbon credits to make our platform planet positive.

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