The Xcavate protocol – currently consisting of the Real estate investment marketplace and realXchange community crowd funding applications, was voted best dApp in the Polkadot Winter Hackathon 2023. As a cherry on the cake we were also awarded best runner up by Tanssi for launching 0ur dApp on the Dance Box – Tanssi Testnet.

For over six weeks our core team of developers managed to enhance the existing protocol as well as create a completely new application from scratch. A monumental achievement in the time allowed. Our CTO / CoFounder – Richard Houldsworth and Substrate Engineer – Connor Campbell were lucky enough to travel to Hong Kong in person to pitch the Xcavate Protocol & dApp to panel of esteemed web3 native judges.

This huge milestone is fantastic recognition for both the work already completed but also validation of the business case that looks to solve real world problems in the real estate sector.

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