Introducing Xcavate; the blockchain revolution in property investment

For anyone who has every purchased a property, you will know only too well how stressful and lengthy the process is; Xcavate is about to change that.

So, what happens when a property expert and digital marketing & technology specialist put their heads together? We start a mission to become the world’s largest property investment marketplace.

How do we do this? By creating opportunities for you to purchase property that will revolutionise the property investment industry through blockchain technology; this will speed up the process of purchasing property and make it accessible to anyone around the world. Our aim is to make property investment more accessible to all; globally fairer and equal. We are creating something that is decentralised and gives everyone the chance to own a property, or at the very least, part of one.

Xcavate in 90 seconds

This creates an opportunity for investors who have money and want to secure it against a property but don’t necessarily have the finances to own it outright or don’t wish to apply for a mortgage or loan agreement. Xcavate allows investors anywhere in the world to capitalise quickly and easy without going through laborious purchase procedures which are differently complex in each country around the globe.

Behind the Xcavate application is a decentralised blockchain, which processes all the transactions in a secure and irrefutable way. The blockchain has a native token the XCAV coin which can be bought to pay for investments, transactions and fees as well as staking, rewards and voting rights to manage on-chain governance. This is exciting as it gives control of the platform over to the community which is rewarded as it builds and grows over time.

Xcavate will save time and money and eradicate the need for chargeable services from traditional professionals such as estate agents, solicitors, mortgage brokers and banks.

Our focus is on the investment model and securing our clients’ investments in real estate (a stable non-volatile asset). Our investors are made up of people who would like to purchase/invest in real estate and spread the risk over multiple properties across multiple countries if they wish. They are also people who might want to invest in property and build on their investment over time, by buying more NFT’s, so that one day they can either put it towards buying a home for themselves or a loved one.

The power of a decentralised organisation

When it comes to understanding the internet and blockchain technology, the layman will soon learn that the digital age comes with its own lexicon; a bewildering selection of buzz words and acronyms that confuse just as much as they inform. The expansion of the internet has developed in such a way that most of us are oblivious to it: Web 1.0 was all about reading and sharing information; people creating pages and content that allowed us to easily search for information to read and digest. Web 2.0 was how big tech organisations take control of our online attention, such as Google and Facebook who focus on our participation and contribution; now we are at Web 3.0 stage with a new focus on decentralisation. Here we can take ownership of our own data with the freedom to interact publicly or privately without having an intermediary expose us to risks. This will include payment blockchains, peer-to-peer digital financial transactions and smart contracts, which will grow and become more sophisticated over the coming years.

Once fully launched, our Xcavate stakeholder community will have the power to vote on how Xcavate is built, progressed and expanded and have exclusive access to certain properties. In addition, Xcavate transactional fees will build up in the on-chain treasury and over time the XCAV coin value should reflect this.

We have built a team of experienced digital professionals who will deliver an innovative and new way to invest in property, removing current barriers to property ownership and investment.

What does the process of investing with Xcavate look like? 

How can Xcavate help real estate developers build?

If you are interested in exploring digital property investment without the hassle of traditional processes and its associated red-tape, follow us on social media and join us in opening up a world of possibilities for your property purchasing power.