Consumer Duty Policy

**1. Introduction**
This Consumer Duty Policy sets forth the principles and standards H&W Investments Limited adheres to in order to ensure we consistently act in the best interests of our consumers. Our commitment extends beyond compliance with regulatory requirements to fostering trust and promoting positive outcomes for all our clients.

**2. Policy Objective**
To embed a culture throughout our firm that focuses on delivering fair outcomes to consumers, ensuring that their needs are at the forefront of our business operations and decision-making processes.

**3. Scope**
This policy applies to all aspects of our interactions with consumers, including product design, marketing, advice, and after-sales service.

**4. Principles of Consumer Duty**
– **Acting in Good Faith:** Engage with consumers honestly, ensuring that all interactions are conducted in a manner that is fair, transparent, and respectful.
– **Avoiding Harm:** Take all reasonable steps to avoid causing foreseeable harm to consumers through our products, services, and business practices.
– **Enabling Informed Decisions:** Provide consumers with information that is clear, understandable, and not misleading, enabling them to make informed financial decisions.
– **Delivering Suitable Outcomes:** Ensure that products and services are designed to meet the needs of consumers and are sold to those whose needs they meet.

**5. Responsibilities**
– **Board of Directors:** Oversee the implementation of the Consumer Duty Policy and ensure it is embedded in the corporate culture.
– **Senior Management:** Responsible for implementing the policy within their respective departments and ensuring staff compliance.
– **Compliance Team:** Monitor adherence to the policy, conduct regular reviews, and provide updates on regulatory changes.
– **All Employees:** Understand and uphold the principles of the Consumer Duty Policy in their daily activities and interactions with consumers.

**6. Practices and Procedures**
– **Product Design and Service Delivery:** Design products with the consumers’ best interests in mind, ensuring they are appropriate for the targeted consumer groups based on thorough market research.
– **Marketing and Communications:** Develop marketing materials that are clear, fair, and not misleading. Regularly review promotional activities to ensure ongoing compliance with this policy.
– **Consumer Support:** Provide robust and accessible customer support channels. Train customer service teams to handle inquiries and complaints effectively, ensuring consumers feel valued and supported.
– **Feedback and Complaints:** Implement an effective feedback and complaint handling process that is easy to use, responsive, and transparent.

**7. Training and Awareness**
– Conduct regular training sessions for all employees to reinforce their understanding of consumer duty principles and their specific responsibilities.
– Provide updates on new regulations and internal policy changes that impact consumer interactions.

**8. Monitoring and Compliance**
– Regularly audit internal processes and consumer interactions to ensure compliance with this policy.
– Use insights from monitoring activities to improve practices and address areas where consumer outcomes can be enhanced.

**9. Reporting**
– Maintain records of all compliance checks, training attendance, consumer feedback, and audits.
– Regularly report to the Board on the effectiveness of the policy and any issues identified.

**10. Policy Review**
– Review this policy annually or following significant regulatory changes or business practices.
– Make necessary amendments to ensure the policy remains effective and aligned with our commitment to consumer duty.

This policy is approved by the board of H&W Investments Limited and communicated across all levels of the organization to ensure widespread understanding and implementation. Continual engagement and training are critical to integrating the Consumer Duty principles into the firm’s culture and operations.